Instagram Will Enable Users to Upload Photos and Videos via Desktop

As of last week, posting images and short videos on Instagram can now be

done via desktop – as opposed to just the mobile app.

Whilst this may seem a step-back for an increasingly mobile-focused

society – a move to desktop is highly beneficial for businesses as it allows

for more efficient and centralised control of social media posting. But as

some social media marketers already know, Instagram posting via

desktop has already been possible for some time. So, what has actually

changed and what does this mean for business?

Well, prior to this update, posting PC-edited content on Instagram was

only possible in two ways. The first was to download them to mobile for

Instagram uploading – a time-consuming and cluttered process. The

second was to access the mobile-site via Inspector mode on the PC –

again, an arguably time-consuming process.

Now, however, social media marketers can say goodbye to all this hassle

because the new update provides businesses with a more slick and simple

way to post media content created on the PC, from the PC– streamlining

your workload into just one single place.

Albeit the new updated is limited to videos of up to one-minute and

doesn’t expand to Instagram stories or reels, it’s a positive step towards

better desktop functionality and a welcomed one by many businesses

globally. Plus, with Instagram’s commitment to desktop over the last few

years, such as introducing live-steam viewing and better story-viewing,

more improvements may be on the horizon. In the meantime – businesses

can enjoy more efficient Instagram posting via desktop in half the time –

which is time better spent.

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